‘Sectarian mentality’: Sitharaman on Tamil Nadu’s concerns over taxation

Responding to the state’s request to extend the GST compensation period, Sitharaman said the GST Board is a federal body and should not be politicized as “it amounts to an insult to the Board “.

“There have been criticisms that Tamil Nadu is financially cornered. There is no truth in that. We have brought so many infrastructure projects,” said Union Finance Minister | Photo: PTI

“It is nothing but a bigoted mentality behind states that claim they should get more in return since they pay more taxes. If we follow this argument, then we should give more to the rich, because they pay more taxes. So, Tamil Nadu should understand fiscal principles,” said Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Speaking at the 52nd anniversary of the Thuglak magazine organized in Chennai on Sunday May 8, she said an impression has been created against the BJP in Tamil Nadu that it is an upper caste party, a northern party, a party for the rich, etc.

“There is no doubt that a national party must have a regional presence. In 2014, the BJP won in 66 of the SC-ST’s 131 reserved constituencies. In 2017, he raised it to 77. How? Because we have done real service,” she said.

“An insult to GST advice”


“After becoming chief minister, Stalin went to Kerala and took advice from there and started the Dravidian model. Now Kerala is traveling to Gujarat to see how the CM Dashboard works. But people here are reluctant to recognize the model of Gujarat,” Sitharaman said while responding to criticisms that the state is financially discriminated against.

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“There have been criticisms that Tamil Nadu is financially cornered. There is no truth in that. We have brought so many infrastructure projects in sectors like medical, energy, smart cities in nine districts, railway bridges, etc. “, she said.

Responding to the state’s request that the Center should extend the GST offset period by at least two years beyond June 2022, Sitharaman said the GST Board is a federal body in which each Minister of Finance of each State deliberates and that it should not be politicized as “this amounts to an insult to the Council”.

“Dues are paid according to a formula worked out jointly by the Council and no one has the right to change this formula,” she said.

The ABCs of the Nirmala Congress

Taking a dig at Congress, Sitharaman said Congress has always been associated with fringe parties and far-left forces.

“On behalf of student federations and cultural branches, she joined forces with the communists who ran our educational institutions. He made clumsy decisions on issues like Jammu and Kashmir. It was Nehru who abandoned the people of Assam when China attacked our borders. It was before the emergency that words like secular, socialism crept into our Constitution,” she said.

“Congress mukt Bharath. What is the real meaning? The party has certain characteristics. We can put it as A for apple and B for ball. These characteristics are the policy of absenteeism, clumsy decisions, corruption, dynasty, elitism and family politics”.

Even at a time of the Russian-Ukrainian war and the Covid-19 pandemic, the IMF said the fastest economic growth was happening in India, she claimed.

“People like Bill Gates have said that India’s Covid vaccine coverage is higher than countries like the United States. But in states like Madhya Pradesh, free vaccines have been thrown away. It is under Congress that vaccines are sold at exorbitant prices. It is doubtful whether the leadership of Congress took the vaccine or not. We don’t know if they took a vaccine made in India,” Sitharaman said.

Support entrepreneurship

Addressing the merger of nationalized banks, she said the country needs more big banks like SBI for economic development. “That’s why we made mergers in 2019 as the pandemic approached. Even during mergers, our bank employees and ‘bank mitras‘ (correspondent banking) went to the nooks and crannies of the country to provide banking services when the lockdown was enforced. Thanks to their service, the mergers were successful,” she said.

Regarding start-ups, she said that we have about 68,000 registered start-ups in the country. Nearly 100 of them became unicorns, Sitharaman claimed.

“Every 36 days, a start-up comes from our country. The BJP has supported this type of entrepreneurial skills since the Jan Sangh period. We give the PLI scheme to 15 “emerging sectors”. We embrace transformational change. Many entrepreneurs from Hindi country are investing in Tamil Nadu and creating job opportunities,” she said.

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