More to the story: The new Miss Tennessee Agriculture USA Queen hails from Ooltewah


OOLTEWAH, TN (WDEF) – “I’ve always been in farming. I grew up on a farm. And we had an orchard. And I love to ride horses too.

About a month ago, Christal Majestic from Ooltewah found out about the good news. She had looked online and decided to enter the Miss Agriculture USA state pageant. She won.

She has the crown and the sash to prove it. The 2022-2023 season!

“I was a little surprised. I really wasn’t sure if I was what they wanted. But it turned out to be a wonderful fit!

The Miss Agriculture USA organization has only been around since 2018, so this was Christal’s first attempt to win the state award.
His goal now, until the national competition, is to represent the Willing State with appearances at various functions.

“The good thing about it is that you can do whatever you want with it. As long as you have the time. My goal, for example, is to attend the county fair. Besides interacting with so many local businesses as possible. I want to do this so that I can understand what is best to advocate for.

Christal, who attends Bryan College in Dayton, says she is a perfect lawyer. Because she’s spent time in every county in Tennessee. All 95.

Once again, the national competition is next June.

Dave Staley, News 12.

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