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VIJAYAWADA: The second board meeting of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) was the scene of stormy scenes over the proposed tax policy on Thursday. Visibly frustrated mayor Rayana Bhagyalakshmi sent a notice of suspension to TDP leaders and CPI (M) B leader Satya Babu. Condemning the ruling party for its decision on the proposed tax policy, the suspended companies staged a protest outside the council chamber. The police arrested them and transferred them to Governorpet PS to restore normalcy.

The suspension notice only added fuel to the fire. Throughout the council meeting, opposition corporations strongly opposed the proposed tax policy. Earlier, TDP leaders Kesineni Swetha, Jasti Sambasiva Rao, Chennupati Usha Rani, Devineni Aparna and others entered the council session with black ribbons and placards opposing the proposed new tax policy. On the other hand, police arrested agitated CPM leaders Ch Babu Rao, D Kasinath, former Corporal G Adilakshmi and took them to Krishna Lanka and Governorpet PS for staging a protest outside the opposing VMC office. to the proposed new tax policy.

After the start of the session, heated arguments were exchanged between the two companies TDP and YSRC on the proposed tax policy. While rummaging through TDP companies, Endowment Minister Vellampalli Srinivasa Rao and MP Malladi Vishnu asked them to participate in a debate on the proposed new tax policy rather than creating a ruckus in the middle of the session. The mayor adjourned the meeting for 10 minutes because the situation was getting out of hand. When the suspended corporations did not leave the council chamber, the mayor ordered the marshals to remove them from the chamber so that the meeting could resume.

A minor brawl began between the police and the suspended corporations and the former arrested them and transferred them to the Governorpet PS. The arrested corporations organized a demonstration in front of the police station to denounce the indifferent attitude of the mayor Rayana Bhagyalakshmi and the YSRC corporations. In the meantime, the council discussed 147 subjects mentioned in the agenda relating to the various development works and various social assistance programs. Of these, 39 topics were adopted and the rest were sent to the office for comments.

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