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What do I need for a Personal Payday Loan?

It is no coincidence that the personal payday loan has become a favorite of the retailer, which is a huge source of money over the past few years: it can be claimed quickly and without problems, and within hours you can have money on your account if you pass the credit assessment. We are not kidding: there are those who promise: you can get money in 7 minutes. But what do we need to do that? We help you to gather everything the bank can ask you to do.

The basics – who can take out a personal payday loan?

The basics - who can take out a personal loan?

You can get credit for practically anyone who meets the requirements of the banks, so you get a fairly high score during the credit assessment. The better the bank is the debtor, the better conditions you can get a loan.

How does the bank determine what you are a debtor? There are general conditions that you must meet:

  • you must be at least 18 years old
  • legal capacity
  • and you must have an appropriate income

By doing so, we have listed the most important criteria, but of course, in the back rooms of financial institutions, you are analyzing your financial situation much more thoroughly. In order for the analysis to take place, you need to submit some important documents.

What does most banks ask for a personal payday loan?


The admission rules vary from bank to bank, but there is something that is the same everywhere. For example, it is

  • You prove yourself with identity documents

It is clear that you can prove yourself at the bank with an ID card, passport or authorization, so you will definitely need them. The bank will make a photocopy of these, which you will authenticate with your signature.

  • Income Statement on Your Income

The bank should know what certified income you have. Because it is prescribed by law that you can only borrow if you have a regular income, so you need to prove that you are getting paid from somewhere. This requires the employer’s certificate, which can be requested by employees. Your employer cannot be older than 30 days. You need another document to claim as a pensioner. In this case, you will need to present your pension coupon and pensioner ID, and you will be required to submit an income certificate issued by the National Tax and Customs Administration for the previous closed business year.

  • Other documents

The ID card and the proof of income are two documents you will definitely need. In addition, there are cases where additional papers are needed: for example, in the case of a mortgage-based personal payday loan, you appreciate the property that you can cover as collateral. To do this, however, you need a new certificate:

  • ownership sheet
  • occupancy permit
  • valuations
  • contract of sale
  • layout
  • notarial deed

Not only your earnings and expenses have to be verified: if you do not borrow at your account-keeping bank, you almost always ask for at least three bank accounts, which are usually returned for six months, and if this is not enough to determine the expenses, then you still have a public utility bill. you also have to give up. If you have any other credit, you will also need to issue a so-called outstanding capital debt certificate issued by the creditor bank.

If all these documents are available, we only have to bank the forms of the bank next to the pack and everything is there for the process. It’s worth thinking about, because if you have the papers sooner, the loan will land faster on your account.

personal payday loan the fastest – don’t you have to go to the bank?

Personal loan the fastest - don

If you don’t want to tease with the papers and don’t want to wait for hours at the bank, your mobile phone can be your friend. For the time being, only PDND Bank and CAM Bank are offering such a loan, but their customers have the opportunity to apply for a personal payday loan online, in front of the machine or on the mobile phone. In the process, personal information must be provided, and the credit rating runs in the background: only customers can request, so there is no need for extra documents. The two banks promise: PDND Bank can get a loan on your account in as little as 40 minutes and at a staggering 7 minutes in CAM.

If you are less a digital magician, you should also make at least one online credit calculation, as there may be big differences between loan and loan. Use your personal payday loan calculator and see which one is the cheapest and smart!

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