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This is how the quick loan search function works – 20 different lenders

Most of us are very good at comparing prices. We frequently compare prices on everything from cars to home electronics and subscriptions. When it comes to private loans and mortgages, we are at least equally keen to compare to find the best deals.

For various reasons, the need to compare instant loans doesn’t feel as great. One reason may be the idea that all fast loans look the same (which is wrong). Another reason may be that you do not consider yourself having time to compare when the need to borrow is urgent.

There are many advantages to comparing quick loans. You can reduce the cost of the loan and you can find the option that suits you best regarding maturity, repayment flexibility and other terms. With us at The Alvings you can easily and quickly compare 20 Swedish lenders with just a few clicks. This way you can easily find the best quick loans for you.

In our loan comparison service, you sort the lenders by:

  • loan Amount
  • Term
  • Interest
  • Ability to borrow free of charge for a certain period
  • If payment note can be accepted
  • Payout evenings and weekends
  • If a loan can be granted to anyone under 20 years
  • If you can borrow without UC


Loan amount – from $ 1000 to $ 50,000

Loan amount - from $ 1000 to $ 50,000

The traditional fast loan of a few thousand notes has recently received competition from quarterly loans and annual loans. You can today borrow up to $ 50,000 in several years with the same application procedure as for a loan of $ 3000, for example. When you compare loans with us, we offer you to set just how much you want to borrow through a control.

Our comparison service will then automatically sort out the lenders who can offer the selected amount. That way, you don’t have to visit many lenders’ websites to find the right one.


Maturity – from 30 days to 5 years

Maturity - from 30 days to 5 years

The maturity of most fast loans is quite flexible. Should you need to borrow, for example, $ 10,000, you can repay the debt on many lenders for anything between a month and several years. This is one of the major advantages of recent years’ development in fast loans. Previously, the money would always be repaid within one or a few months.

For all the loans we present here on the site, you can easily see the shortest and the longest term. Note that these limits generally apply. The actual maturity is determined by the loan amount. For details, see respective review.


Interest on quick loans

quick loan

Perhaps the most important thing to compare when looking at different quick loans is the cost of the loan with interest and any fees. In our comparison of lenders, we present the effective interest rate for a type loan. If a lender offers a fixed interest rate, for example per month, the task we present is also the effective interest rate for just about all loans.

For other types of quick loans with different maturities, the interest rate we present may differ from what you actually have to pay. See our reviews for details on interest rates and fees to get a first picture of the cost picture before proceeding.


Other terms for quick loans

Other terms for quick loans

Quick loans are not a particularly complicated product. However, it differs significantly from, for example, private loans in that there are several factors that may be of importance to the borrower.

One such factor is payment remarks. For private loans, such a “dot in the protocol” is almost a guarantee of rejection. For fast loans, this need not be the case. Here at The Alvings, you can click in a check box and automatically get the lenders who approve quick loans with payment note. Just note that each lender has specific rules regarding payment remarks. For example, some may only accept one payment note. The idea of ​​this sorting feature is to show the lenders who can approve a previous miss so that you do not have to search these on your own.

Being able to take out fast loans without UC is another feature of this type of loan that many want to take advantage of. In our comparisons you can easily click on the lenders using Pisnode, Lendsafe or other credit reporting companies.

For private loans, you never get your money paid out directly. For fast loans, however, this is entirely possible, both in the evenings and on weekends . If you really need money right now you need to look for a lender with payment even at inconvenient times. With our sorting function, it is enough with a click to highlight these particular lenders.

Finally, here on the site you also have the opportunity to seek out lenders who can accept applications from you who are 18 or 19 years old . The basic rule in the industry is otherwise that an applicant must be at least 20 years old in order for the application to even be processed.

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